School Profile

School facilities are outstanding with reticulated grounds, covered assembly area, purpose built Music and Art rooms, Stephanie Alexander Kitchen, and a canteen open 5 days a week.  The school grounds overlook a picturesque park setting with Harmony Lake as its centrepiece and is located less than 1 km from a beach which skirts Comet Bay. Singleton PS has adopted the stretch of beach between the communities of Singleton and Golden Bay as a focus for its enterprise and environment programs.

Specialist and support programs allow for Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education & Library. PEAC operates as a Specialist District initiative to which students in Years 5-6 have access.

Central to the operations of Singleton PS is the vision of an enterprising learning community hence the school motto - Equity, Enterprise and Endeavour. The notion of enterprise is at the core of the schools priorities:
' Learning Technologies
' Teaching and Learning
' Students at Educational Risk

Staff at Singleton are expected to:
' Integrate Learning Technologies into their classroom learning programs
' Implement the philosophy and principles underpinning the Curriculum Framework to create a learning environment that addresses the learning needs of all children
' Demonstrate a team ethos in working towards the achievement of optimum school performance
' Demonstrate a strong customer focus

Staff members demonstrate a strong commitment to School Planning processes and are actively engaged on committees. The school is also committed to develop decision making in a participative and accountable model. The school fosters collaborative teaching and assures comparability in program delivery and monitoring of outcomes through strategies which see teachers openly sharing. It is expected that teachers demonstrate a long term commitment to meaningful, collaborative school improvement strategies. Staff are also expected to demonstrate their commitment to maintaining maximum flexibility of the schools organization. To this end the school:
' Is strongly committed to MAGS (Multi Age Groups) as an organisational and instructional strategy
' Encourages shared DOTT (Duties Other Than Teaching) to enhance collaborative planning
' Has a strong committee and shared leadership structure, providing opportunities for staff to develop their leadership skills

The Singleton School Community is active and supportive, and staff are expected to foster the positive relationships evident. Students support the wearing of school uniform and many staff members have opted to wear a modified uniform too. School facilities are used by a number of community groups and a spirit of cooperation exists.