Year 4

  • Maths – Addition and subtraction and word problems, within 100 000. Angles – names and types, Comparing and Classifying 
  • English – Narrative,  Comprehension, Grammar- Homophones, Synonyms, Plurals, Statements and Questions.  
  • IT- Coding – Grok 
  • HASS – First Fleet – Stories, reasons why and experiences following their arrival to Australia. First explorers to make contact with Australia.  
  • Health- Being Healthy, Safe and Active 
  • Art – Colour, Space, Texture.  
    Study Ladder Logins on Dojo.  
  • Science – Using objects at home design and create a game which uses pushes and pulls (like Air Hockey or Ten Pin Bowling do). How are pushes and pulls used in the game? Which object move? What difference would a small or large push or pull make? How are friction and gravity used in the game? Draw your game using captions and force arrows to explain it.   
  • MUSIC – Poster Project as per task sheet provided. Listen to a variety of different Music – dance along and be silly! Discuss opinions – do you like the song? Why do you like it?