Year 3

  • Maths – Prime Maths: Revision of place value and addition using partitioning (split), regrouping and jump strategies.  Word problems using bar models. Subtractions using split, place value, regrouping and jump strategies. Measurement: length. 
  • Literacy – Reading comprehension Scholastic Learning Zone (Lexile reading): 
  •  Letters and Sounds Program: blends revision (beginning: bl, st, sl and ending: nd, rt), digraphs (ai, ee, o_e) and sounds with different sounds, same spelling (book, moon) and different spelling, same sounds (shout, clown…sir, fur, her): 
  • Writing and grammar: paragraphing, contractions, nouns and verbs (tenses), common suffixes and prefixes, narrative writing (emphasis on characters and setting), Email letter writing, report writing, persuasive pieces. 
  • IT – word processing and coding: 
  • HASS – continents, states, capitals and features of Australia, rules, local communities and community participation, difference between climate and weather, symbols and holidays/commemorative during the year in Australia. 
  • Art: line and pattern, cool vs warm colours 
  • Science – Make three columns on paper headed: Electricity, Burning and Friction (Motion). Explore your house. Find the different heat sources in each room and write and draw the objects under the correct column heading.  
  • MUSIC – Poster Project as per task sheet provided. Listen to a variety of different Music – dance along and be silly! Discuss opinions – do you like the song? Why do you like it?