Introducing our 2021 Student Councillors

Introducing our 2021 Student Councillors  

 The students shared what they will bring to the Student Leadership Team this year; 

Hunter – to be a nice, approachable role model and a passionate leader for the younger children. 

 Sariah – I will be a positive influence and bring kindness to the school. I will also be a great role model to the other students. 

Aaliyah – I will be a good example and always show school pride and great leadership towards all students. 

Molly – I will be kind to everyone and encourage all to show kindness. 

Harry – I will lead by example, be a positive role model to younger students, support at school events and bring my best to all meetings. 

Alexis – I will organise great events and set a good example. 

Sam – I will be approachable and fun. I would also like to help others banish bullying. 

Alexis – I will always be a good role model and show great leadership.  

Looking forward to a great year!