Gratitude Wall

The Gratitude Wall outside our Library has been part of Singleton Primary School for a long time, and encourages staff and students to think and share about what they are grateful for. Classes take turn contributing to the Gratitude Wall each fortnight. We are grateful that Room 13 put their hands up to the 5 expectations of Kindness, Safety, Respect, […]

In-term Swimming 2020

Interm Swimming is a school-based swimming program for children from Pre-primary to Year 6. It provides quality swimming lessons to ensure your child develops vital swimming and water safety skills. Year 3-6 Beach Program – Doddies Beach, Halls Head Term 1 – Weeks 5 & 6 Session 1: Rm 5 (yr5) Rm 11 (yr3) PICK UP FROM SCHOOL: 8.45am LESSON TIMES: […]

Colour Blindness

There is a change in practice to the school year group in which Colour Blindness brochures will be distributed (changing from year 6 to PP).   Colour blindness means that a person cannot distinguish some colours or see the colours differently to other people. Very few people who are colour blind are ‘blind’ to all colours. Commonly, the colours seen differently […]

Board Meeting

The next school board meeting will be held on Wednesday 4 March at 5.00pm in the school staff room.Our school board is made up of parents/caregivers, community members, two staff members and the council meets regularly and provides the school with direction and support in achieving its long term goals. We are looking for new members, so if you are interested […]

Welcome back to 2020 Term 1

We hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday and are ready for a fantastic year! As you can see there were smiles all around the school for our students returning. We welcome Mrs Leanne Allen and our new families. Welcome back to all the staff and students.